Want Some Healthy, Clean Fun? Dance, Dance, Dance!

Add Some Dance For a LOT of Fun!

men and women having dancing class in studio

Anyone Can Learn to Dance

My dance skills didn’t exist prior to my first dance class. And I definitely had 2 left feet. I remember in college going to my best friend’s aerobic classes and the entire class was moving right when I was moving left. I stood in the back and only attempted going a couple of times… realizing I was more supportive of her by NOT going and messing up everyone… lol! Turns out, when I started taking dance lessons 25 years later, the only thing that really matters is my desire to learn to dance and have a little fun… it’s all you need.

Where to Dance

My local ballroom, Fatcat Ballroom, has fun beginner dance lessons (that anyone can learn from) followed by a dance party. You can make it a date night, or bring friends to dance with or just rotate and dance with everyone there… which you get used to really quickly and it’s quite fun. There are all levels of dance and many different dances depending on the night of the week you go. Check out their calendar here…   They even have dance classes for kids.

Why Dance

Who would you be if you’ve been dancing one night a week for the last year? Perhaps a bit more in your body, comfortable in your skin and with new people, a new confidence, and a blossoming that happens only when you find a way to express the inner you….. who knows… give it a try. So much fun! It’s so healing to get a good laugh when you muck up the dance steps and then feel your flow when you get it right. It’s also something you can do with anyone at any age… consider a dance lesson and party at your local ballroom or restaurant for a great night out of good, clean fun!

Hope to see you on the dance floor!

Lots of Light,


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