Got Peace? Get Perspective…

Peace is one perspective shift away.

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Perspective is a powerful thing. It’s where everything changes and nothing changes at the same time. That is, nothing outside you has changed, but the perspective you have has changed… thus changing what you are looking at. When your perspective shifts, an amazing thing happens… peace.

Getting Some Perspective

Perspective can cause you joy or distress… the deciding factor is your belief systems, conditioning, patterns, attachment, resistance, and expectations. One way to get some perspective is to constantly reflect on your own internal emotion meter. When you are experiencing negative emotions, simply start asking yourself why you are so upset, what should be happening, why this is not okay, what the other person should be doing, and what you are afraid of. You will soon get to the bottom of your fear, belief systems, expectation, resistance, and/or attachment.

Permission For Perspective

Once you identify what is going on, its power over you can quickly fade. Remember not to own your story, “I will always be this way” or “it runs in my family”. Instead, give yourself permission to have a perspective shift… say “I give myself permission to see things differently.” Whenever you are super upset, and reflecting is out of the question… simply say “I give myself permission to see things differently; I am open to seeing things differently.” It is amazing what happens when you open yourself up to a shift in perspective.

Take Perspective Road to “Peace of Mind”

Allow yourself to be sad or upset, but walk through that campground instead of pitching a tent. Once you’ve seen your way around “emotional reaction camp”, follow the signs to “Peace of Mind” by first giving yourself permission for a perspective shift, then reflecting on why you had a certain reaction. That self understanding will lead to a shift in perspective which will change everything and nothing at the same time, which is beautiful!

I hope you find my suggestions helpful. And, if you want some more help shifting your perspective, try BodyTalk! It’s a wonderful way to consciously expand your awareness, shed your story, and shift your perspective. I’d love to offer you your first session!

May you have Peace of Mind,





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