BodyTalk Your Back Pain Away!

BodyTalk Takes the Guesswork Out of Why You Have Back Pain.

back pain bodytalk natural healing low back pain sciatica

Back pain can have many causes, and often it’s a combination of them all. BodyTalk is unique because each session is unique to each person, even if all the symptoms are the same. If ten different people showed up with the exact same pain in the exact same spot on their low back, I would simple do BodyTalk. This would give me the chance to find out from their body what needs to be balanced and how best to do that. One person may need some emotional release, another person may need structural realignment, and another may need cellular repair. There are millions of ways the back pain could have arrived in that very spot, and the only way to find out what is causing your back pain is to ask your body.

The weekend before last, I had a client come if for BodyTalk for their low back pain. She said that at times it was unbearable. She had also had a recent blood pressure spike that sent her to the hospital. For her entire BodyTalk session, her body balanced her adrenals in just about every possible way on my charts. After her session, I google back pain and adrenals… sure enough… there is a HUGE correlation! And even to high blood pressure. My client, a week later, is shocked at how good she feels and can’t wait for her next session.

BodyTalk can help untangle what’s responsible for your back pain, and restore your body’s ability to heal itself the way nature intended. In your session, I’ll simply ask your body what it needs… may be adrenals, but it may be one of a million other things too… so I’ll leave that part up to your body.

Come in for some BodyTalk, and let’s see if we can unlock your body’s ability to heal what’s causing your back pain.

Lots of Light,



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