BodyTalk is Like Acupuncture Without Needles and More!

Acupuncture is a powerful modality to balance the meridian flow in the body, and the good news is… you can get all the benefits of acupuncture in a BodyTalk session without needing needles!

Acupuncture BodyTalk Meridians Energy Healing

See, the BodyTalk System uses the wisdom of acupuncture and all the meridians in a unique and very powerful way. In a BodyTalk session, the practitioner will ask your body what the priority is. And, maybe your body’s priority is simply to balance all your meridians with no details; and so you get the meridian technique balancing. But, as complicated life usually is, maybe your BodyTalk practitioner gets more details and finds that it’s specifically your gall bladder meridian that needs to not only be balanced, but be brought into harmony with someone in your life who’s giving you those headaches. Maybe even more information is found out about how this has just built onto memories from childhood where you would hear a parent complain about their boss so it deepens the balancing and releasing. Your body could go on and on adding to this balancing like… maybe a balancing is needed from a surgery on your foot where the energy is unable to flow properly due to scar tissue, or perhaps an emotional release of hopelessness about your headaches, etc…  (See Meridians and Scars and Events in chart images below…)

BodyTalk Healing Acupuncture Meridansbodytalk healing acupuncture meridians

bodytalk healing acupuncture meridians

BodyTalk gives the practitioner all the pieces of the puzzle when it comes to what is going on with YOUR body, because in BodyTalk, the practitioner asks your body what it needs and how to balance it.

If you are interested in getting your energies flowing again, check out BodyTalk! It’s amazing!  Your First BodyTalk Session with me is only $55!

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